About Us

We are a team of business owners and growth experts that help service businesses scale with exclusive high-quality leads

We Build Your Company Like Our Own

We started with a retail business many years ago. It now generates millions of dollars per year, but we started from zero. In the beginning we hired “marketing agencies” that took our money and provided invisible results. After firing our third marketing company we decided to bring everything in-house. Since then, our sales have doubled and our marketing skills have developed to the point where we are now in the position to help other businesses grow. Thus, Traffic Dispenser was born!

We leverage the same skills we used to build our business to help service businesses scale with quality work and measurable results. We don’t believe in high upfront costs or complicated long-term commitments because we know we can provide quick results you can take to the bank. Give us a call and see for yourself why our partners happily stick with us!

Our Tools For Business Growth

We leverage several skills, tools, processes, and systems to generate growth for your business

Search Engine Optimization

Our digital assets are optimized for users to find us and for search engines to feature us. We supplement SEO with paid ads for speed

Content Optimization

Understanding our partners and researching our industries allow us to create content and ad copy that converts

Paid Advertisements

We pay for social media and search platform ads to target and convert potential customers into our funnel

Business Strategy

Understanding business fundamentals is crucial to adjusting and pivoting with the changing conditions

Data Analysis

We collect data in multiple formats and analyze what works and what doesn’t. Guessing is okay but data is better

Continuous Improvement

Our analysis guides us and we use our experience and data to change, test, and lean into what works

Our Team

We are experienced marketers and business owners so we understand how difficult it can be to grow your business while keeping the ship afloat at the same time. 

Jeff Pang, MPH, MBA

Jeff Pang, MPH, MBA

Founder & CEO

Jeff is an expert in marketing and business growth. He started multiple businesses, with his latest generating 7 figures in annual revenue.

Jeff is a former Management Consultant that focused on business strategy and operations. He received his MBA from the University of Toronto.

Eugene Pang, BSc, RRT

Eugene Pang, BSc, RRT

Founder & Chief Sales Officer

Eugene is a sales expert with a strong medical background.

Eugene has success in a number of markets including: service businesses, technology, healthcare, athletics, and more.

Let's Work Together!

Now that you know a bit about us, we’d love to learn more about you! Give us a call and we would love to learn more about how we can help